EXTRAS - ( Added to fish mounts at extra cost )  
  1. Driftwood 
  2. Wood Plaques, Panels - All Sizes and Shapes 
  3. Brass Name Plates 
  4. Various Habitat Scenes 

  A shipping rate will apply on all items being shipped.            
  Prices for freshwater and saltwater fish taxidermy,  fish mounts, and fish replicas. Our services are for sport fishermen and other 
clientele searching for a qualified "top notch" fish taxidermist.
See us first for some of the finest replicas of fish, and skin mount
fish taxidermy, whether you practice "Catch & Release" or keep that trophy fish of a life-time.   
 Our artwork and services for our customers consists of
 3 options -  Fish Skin Mounts (real fish)
                -  Fish Reproductions, Replicas (fiberglass)                        -  Fish Wood Carvings (sculptures)          
 Most freshwater species can be traditionally mounted (skin mounts) or be reproduced into a fiberglass replica. Most saltwater species must be reproduced into a replica. Our reproductions of fish and fish mounts are of the highest quality. All work received in my studio is given that extra special attention by myself and not done by several people or an assembly line type of set up. The various fish art services that I provide are done properly and no fish mount or replica leaves my studio unless it has achieved that "just been caught" look and not a fake or unnatural looking fish species. 
Please be advised that several businesses that produce fiberglass fish replicas on the market are very unnatural looking and are of poor quality. The techniques on all my fish work are constructed to make each species very natural, and best of all they achieve the look of live fish. 

I have access to hundreds of fish species, saltwater or freshwater for any customer searching to have any fish reproduced.  
Contact us by phone or e-mail for any questions or concerns about my work.

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